How to cite LIFEx?

To cite LIFEx in the paper you publish, please use:

Christophe Nioche, Fanny Orlhac, Sarah Boughdad, Sylvain Reuze, Michael Soussan, Charlotte Robert, Claire Barakat, and Irene Buvat. A freeware for tumor heterogeneity characterization in PET, SPECT, CT, MRI and US to accelerate advances in radiomics. J Nucl Med 2017 58:1316 (link)

as well as www.lifexsoft.org


Users testimonials

Since its availability early 2016, some scientists, medical doctors, engineers and students have choosed LIFEx for their work. Read their comments about their experience:

Dr. Lee from Korea

It is a pleasure for me to be on the contributor list.
I used a matlab-based software for texture analysis, which is cumbersome and redundant.
For me, LIFEx is really user-friendly and quite intuitive.
I hope that I can help improve the software in the future

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Software documentation includes written text or presentations that describe the software. They either explain its features or how to use it. Movies (mp4) also show you how to perform a number of tasks with LIFEx. If you'd like more movies to illustrate specific features, let us know !

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