Before asking questions or reporting problems to the contact address, please make sure your question has not been answered in the past. 


Is LIFEx a free software?

Yes, it is free and all protocols are Open sources


How can I download it?

Please see the download page


How to cite LIFEx?

Please see the How to cite LIFEx?  page.


Which system for LIFEX run on?  

The following OS are supported: MacOs (El Capitan, Maverick, Sierra, BigSur) (and for new M1 (aarch64) CPU of Mac), Windows (7, 8, 10), Linux (Fedora, RedHat, Ubuntu, Debian, Mint). No conflicts between system libraries and those of the binary packages exist.


I have installed an old version, can I reinstall over it without removing the previous version?

Yes you can. But if you run into problems, remove the old version(s) installed.



Wrong size windows, or windows out of place?

To recover the initial configuration, simply select Reset sub-menu of Setting menu of application (in bottom-left at the main panel).

How convert my csv result file to Excel format:

Please follow the instructions given at convert csv to columns



I can't find the button to save ROIs or Series any longer. Where is this button now?

Before (v<7.0.0):

For more homogeneity of the application, all actions are now called from the main menus (ROI menu for ROI, Series menu for series). The save button is now in the File/Edit of the submenu:

Series File Edit Menu
Series File Edit Menu
Roi File Edit Menu
Roi File Edit Menu


Convert a text file or .csv file into an Excel spreadsheet (.xls or .xslsx)


In PET, the DICOM fields that have to be properly filled for correct SUV correction are:

DICOM fields to SUV conversion :

(0008,0032) TM #6 [] Acquisition Time
(0010,1030) DS #10 [] Patient’s Weight
(0018,1074) DS #10 [] Radionuclide Total Dose
(0018,1075) DS #12 [] Radionuclide Half Life
(0018,1072) TM #6 [] Radiopharmaceutical Start Time
(0054,1001) CS #4 [] Units
(0028,1052) DS #2 [] Rescale Intercept
(0028,1053) DS #8 [] Rescale Slope