Since its availability early 2016, many scientists, medical doctors, engineers and students have chosen LIFEx for their work. Here are a few comments about their experience:

Dr. Lee

It is a pleasure for me to be on the contributor list.
I used a matlab-based software for texture analysis, which is cumbersome and redundant.
For me, LIFEx is really user-friendly and quite intuitive.
I hope that I can help improve the software in the future


Phd student, wenchao gu
Maebashi, Japan

The other thing i  want to tell you is, i have been looking for 1 year to find the best software for doing texture analyzing.(including Mazda, Matlab....ect).
LIFEx is the best software i have ever used.
I am working in China, Shanghai Cancer Center.
Now i'm studying Gunma university in Japan as a Phd student.



Yasser Abdelhafez, MBBCh, MSc, MD
South Egypt Cancer Institute
Postdoctoral Scholar Department of Radiology
University of California Davis Medical Center

Dear LifeX developers,
First, thank you for the great effort you put together in this remarkable software LifeX.
I am interested in texture analysis of PET images and find your software to be the best user-friendly tool for physician.
Thank you for your input. I tried it and it works perfectly.
By the way, congratulations to all of you for the recent great paper in Cancer Research.
I appreciate your efforts.
Thank you,



Dr. Constantinos Zamboglou
University Medical Center Freiburg, Radiation Oncology

Since one month I am using your software and I am quite happy. It is a great opportunity to have such a nice tool as a freeware platform. Thank you very much.



Natalia Dubljevic
Delta, Canada

I tried this, and it works! Thank you so much-- excellent customer support :)



Masao Watanabe

The Department of Diagnostic Radiology, Kobe City Medical Center, General Hospital

I am so sorry that I had so many questions to solve and that my questions took you a lot of time to reply. Your replies were so helpful and meaningful to me. I really appreciate your kind support.
Thank you so much. 



Roberto Lantieri

Università degli studi di Padova

close2D works fine and it speed up 4x my work! thank you very much for your exceptional support! Is there a way to support your software with a donation?



Fan X

Department of Nuclear Medicine, Shanghai Tenth People's Hospital, Tongji University School of Medicine, Shanghai, China

The selection of texture analysis methods is crucial, and previous research has confirmed the robustness and feasibility of LIFEx for extracting texture features. And. The authors thank the LIFEx development team for their software support.