LIFEx reads DICOM images locally or over a network using a DICOM browser and includes a powerful 3D reconstruction-based slice viewer. Volume of interest (VOI) can be either imported from previously created files or drawn and manipulated using LIFEx. Results are exported in Excel format files. LIFEx runs on Windows, MacOs and Linux. It is distributed with examples and includes a tutorial. User support is offered. Users can optionally contribute to the gathering of index values in different tissue types and different images as a public data bank of reference values is currently being built and integrated to the software for assisting the users with the interpretation of their results.


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What has been added, changed or updated in this new release?
Here is a list of the most significant additions, changes or updates in LIFEx v7.0.0:

- added: addition of a shortcut for the settings in the protocol frame
- added: keyboard shortcut "P" to print the current view
- improved: optimized use of the RAM for histogram calculation (series and ROI)
- improved: change from jdk-8 to jdk-16 which integrates the new java modules (jmod)
- improved: support of 4K, 5K, 8K display resolution
- improved: generation of the iconography (SVG->PNG) is done only once at the first start of the application.
- improved: add .deb (debian, ubuntu) .rpm (fedora, redhat) .aarch64 (M1 mac) packaging of LIFEx distribution
- changed: documentation and tutorials are now excluded from the application and become exclusively accessible through Internet
- changed: resources, log, properties, setting files are moved into .LIFExv.v.v directory of root user
- fixed issue: bad filename on some written nifti file

Main (Series):
- added: Fat (W500 L-100) window leveling of CT contrast
- added: Laplacian, Mean, Law, Wavelet series filters
- improved: read series from NRRD file format
- improved: Not a Number (NaN) values are no longer visible now (with aplha=0) on images
- improved: DICOM-RealWorldValueSlope file no longer stops the opening of the other series on loading
- fixed issue: empty sub region on US DICOM format are not copied on b-mode base image
- fixed issue: CT DICOM images with bitsAllocated=16, bitsStored=16, highBit=15
- fixed issue: DICOM multi frames with enhanced class storage and without PerFrameFunctionalGroupsSequence) / FrameContentSequence / DimensionIndexValues
- fixed issue: "Radionuclide Total Dose" DICOM attribute is now in MBq for NM modality, and in Bq for PET modality
- fixed issue: acquisition time instead of serieTime is displayed on overlaid images
- fixed issue: patient size are now in "float" value while it was "int" before (impact scale factor SuvLbm)
- fixed issue: no interpolation needed when matrix loaded from nifti are exact inversion (-1) on Z, Y or X axis (only flip is executed)
- fixed issue: add IOP management on registration file (DICOM-REG)

Main (ROI):
- changed: save file button is move on ROI menu under File/Edit sub-part
- added: invert selection tool of ROI
- improved: read ROI from NRRD file format
- improved: new formatting of statistics in ROI box information
- improved: changed default names of ROI "C1...Cn" into new names "R1...Rn"
- downgrade: ROI file format before v4.00 is no longer supported
- fixed issue: KeepOne ROI tool on large matrix

Texture protocol:
- improved: all results of features are set to NaN when they are not selected for calculation
- improved: CONV/DISCRETIZED_peak (0.5mL and 1mL) are accelerated (on 2D slices only)
- fixed issue: DISCRETIZED_HISTO_Skewness is removed (duplicate values with DISCRETIZED_Skewness)
- fixed issue: DISCRETIZED_HISTO_Kurtosis is removed (duplicate values with DISCRETIZED_Kurtosis
- fixed issue: DISCRETIZED_HISTO_Entropy_log2 and__log10 are corrected
- fixed issue: DISCRETIZED_HISTO_Energy is corrected
- fixed issue: unavailable 3d processing on GUI on 2D series

MTV protocol:
- added: Dmax (and other MTV features) feature is now available
- added (MTVNotation): add property "LIFEx.mtv.Frame.Annotation" to hide/show annotations  ; none as default ; available options: none || fill
- added (MTVnotation): unvalid button on GUI
- changed (MTVnotation): minimal value of initial threshold is set to SUV 1.1
- changed (MTVnotation): empty ROI is now possible
- changed (MTVnotation): on result csv file, coordinate of SUVmax of selected ROI is written in place of mouse coordinate when clicking on ROI
- improved: greatly increased responsiveness when many ROIs are present
- improved: row of total results in csv file is now at the right place (right shift of one column).
- improved: add Center of mass(COM), sumBindCOM, avBindCOM, stdBindCOM, minBindCOM, maxBindCOM, avTotBindCOM on protocol
- fixed issue: no ROI creation if empty size

PT Compartmental analysis protocol:
- added: dicom-extension in nifti file from PMOD1 format of extension (Frame Start Times & Frame Duration)
- added: added the width of the "frame duration" on the dynamic chart
- added: added a weighting corresponding to the "duration frame" in the TAC output file in dft format
- improved: "frame acquisition time" is replaced by "frame reference time" on dft file
- improved: x and y units are adjustable before saving on dft file

Quality Control protocol:
- changed: rename of column title of field RedExternDiameterRatio by RedExternDiameter(mm) ; idem for GreenDiameterRatio and RedDiameterRatio
- changed: add on integral