LIFEx reads DICOM images locally or over a network using a DICOM browser, is compatible with Osirix and includes a powerful 3D reconstruction-based slice viewer. Volume of interest (VOI) can be either imported from previously created files or drawn and manipulated using LIFEx. Results are exported in Excel format files. LIFEx runs on Windows, MacOs and Linux. It is distributed with examples and includes a tutorial. User support is offered. Users can optionally contribute to the gathering of index values in different tissue types and different images as a public data bank of reference values is currently being built and integrated to the software for assisting the users with the interpretation of their results.

version 5.10 - Fri Jui 14 11am CEST 2019

What's new in (feature release) LIFEx 5.10?
- fixed (texture protocol): add a permanent message when file path of xls result file is wrong in a script file
- fixed (texture protocol): z rezampling (on 2D images) is set to 1 when z spacing value is less than current z spacing
- fixed (texture protocol): declare up to 4000 styles in a .xls workbook
- fixed (texture protocol): null results on all GLCM maps
- fixed cal_min and cal_max values on saved nifti file
- fixed IPP location on 4D nifti file format
- fixed nifti filename includes seriesDescription and title field
- fixed accuracy of values less than 10e-6 on ROI with main interface vs texture accuracy values
- fixed: some axial slices skipped on display when using wheel mouse navigation
- fixed: slices navigation using keyboard
- fixed: operation add,sub on series
- fixed: on some Siemens PET Dicom files, "Actual Frame Duration" dicom field empty can produce a wrong SUV conversion
- added: MIP processing with video card (largely increased performance)
- added: save in 4D nifti format
- added: multiple series management using scripts (see texture UserGuide for more information)
- added: substract, add,..  between times series is available
- added: LIFEx.Image.ImageOrientationPatient=true/false properties in properties file
- added: LIFEx.Image.ImagePositionPatient=true/false properties in properties file
- added (Dsc-MR protocol): add rCBF value in legend of ROI curve
- added (Dsc-MR protocol): add rCBF, rCBV, MTT, TTAB, and parameters of gamma function in ROI value display (and csv, xls)
- improved (texture protocol): increase in performance of CONV_peak calculation (4 times faster)
- improved (texture protocol): loading of all ROIs in directory when it is set on script line
- improved: loading PMOD format of ROI (voi)