Since its availability early 2016, some scientists, medical doctors, engineers and students have choosed LIFEx for their work. Read their comments about their experience:

Dr. Lee from Korea

It is a pleasure for me to be on the contributor list.
I used a matlab-based software for texture analysis, which is cumbersome and redundant.
For me, LIFEx is really user-friendly and quite intuitive.
I hope that I can help improve the software in the future

 Phd student, wenchao gu

The other thing i  want to tell you is, i have been looking for 1 year to find the best software for doing texture analyzing.(including Mazda, Matlab....ect).
LIFEx is the best software i have ever used.
I am working in China, Shanghai Cancer Center.
Now i'm studying Gunma university in Japan as a Phd student.

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