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LIFEx reads DICOM images locally or over a network using a DICOM browser, is compatible with Osirix and includes a powerful 3D reconstruction-based slice viewer. Volume of interest (VOI) can be either imported from previously created files or drawn and manipulated using LIFEx. Results are exported in Excel format files. LIFEx runs on Windows, MacOs and Linux. It is distributed with examples and includes a tutorial. User support is offered. Users can optionally contribute to the gathering of index values in different tissue types and different images as a public data bank of reference values is currently being built and integrated to the software for assisting the users with the interpretation of their results.

version 4.60 - Wed Janv 30 7pm CEST 2019

What's new in LIFEx 4.60?


  • added: save screenshot of MIP (png1)
  • added: save screenshot of 360° of MIP view (png2)
  • added: send screenshot of MIP to booklet (print)
  • added: Dicom-REG (registration parameters) reading between two series with different StudyInstanceUID
  • added: reading of images in tiff 16 bit format
  • added: creation of a new parametric image from a dynamic series: mean of all times, time to peak, time to min, sum of all time images
  • added: tissue save format file (dft) of Turku PET Center
  • added: tissue save format file with recovery coefficient (dft+rc) of Turku PET Center
  • added: Subtraction tool in ROI menu: create a new ROI by subtracting 2 visible ROI (ROI with open eye)
  • added: Intersection tool in ROI menu: create a new ROI defined as the intersection of all visible ROI (ROI with open eye)
  • added: loading of DICOM-SEG (segmentation parameters) as an ROI file
  • added: new rainbow colormap
  • added: new transparency on colormaps
  • added: warning message when saving dcm files with IOP that are not identity matrix (not yet supported)
  • added: Pixel Padding Value (0028,0120) DICOM field supported for CT
  • added: possibility to remove the volume corresponding to a given time in a times series
  • added: Click&Draw 40% tool added to ROI menu
  • added: Dilation of the external edges of a ring ROI
  • added: simple operation tools between images
  • added: flip tools (R<>L, A<>P and I<>S) operating on images
  • added: in linux version only: the available memory of the system is taken into account when launching LIFEx
  • added: SUL units
  • added: management of image orientation and position coordinates of patient when cor, sag, ax slices are displayed
  • added: management of image orientation and position coordinates on viewer
  • added: SUVpeak in 0.5mL volume in the result xls file.
  • added: bounding box to define regions in which GLCM feature maps are calculated.
  • added: Biograph mMR Dicom supported (SharedFunctionalGroupsSequence and PerFrameFunctionalGroupsSequence)
  • added: reset all application parameters to default values
  • added: software name and version in description tag of nifti ROI, images and MIP nifti written files
  • added: warning message if ROI files already exist when a "save ROI" action is run
  • added: Dicom screenshot (SOPClassUID) supported
  • added: PixelPaddingValue (0028,0120) is used to identify pixels to be excluded from the normal grayscale rendering. It is now supported when reading images
  • added (texture protocol): Local texture map calculation for GLCM indices
  • added (texture protocol): PARAMS_BinSize in result xls file
  • added (texture protocol): possibility to define bin size value only, without the number of grey level values in the graphical user interface
  • added (texture protocol): in the live activity report, (quick) display of the position of each roi while texture processing is on-going



  • updated: display order of value voxel on top right of images is now in the same order than list of (layer) series
  • updated: improved circle3D and circle2D drawing performance
  • updated: crosshair coordinates in image space
  • updated: checking and modification of default bound values as a function of the imaging modality for automatic tuning of the display
  • updated: improved loading performance of RTStruct coordinates with multithreading calculation of each z slice
  • updated: loading (and also loading over network) now keeps images in data/temporary and not in /tmp in linux system
  • updated: enabling of ImageOrientationPatient(iop) and ImagePositionPatient(ipp) when loading Dicom(dcm) et Nifti(nii) images
  • updated: enabling of ImageOrientationPatient(iop) and ImagePositionPatient(ipp) when writing Nifti(nii) images
  • updated: memory is better used when launching the application (linux all available memory is used, windows 95% of available memory is used, mac os is set to 3.5Go of RAM for 4Go version, 7Go of RAM for 8Go version and 15Go of RAM for 16Go version)
  • updated: improvement of the selection of dropdown menus
  • updated: MIP nifti file fully saved (before this correction: only every other view was saved)
  • updated: "Restore" instead of "Undo" for restore last deleted ROI
  • updated: discretization updated to agree with the image biomarker standardisation initiative (IBSI) description
  • updated: speed improvement when drawing circle2D and circle3D tools
  • updated (texture protocol): Z resampling disabled if 2D images are loaded
  • updated (texture protocol): different management of the zero values in NGLDM matrices. Only NGLDM_Contrast and NGLDM_Busyness are affected
  • updated (texture protocol): HISTO_kurtosis is shifted by a Fisher correction factor of -3 to have kurtosis equal to 0 for normal distributions
  • updated (texture protocol): values expressed in scientific format in excel file results
  • updated (texture protocol): discretization in agreement with the image biomarker standardisation initiative (IBSI) description
  • updated (texture protocol): LIFEx.texture.SpatialResamplingZ has been changed to LIFEx.texture.ZSpatialResampling (same thing for Y and X) in script file
  • updated (texture protocol): unit conversion problem (SUV, #, BqmL) of min and max discretization bounds (in some use cases) now fixed



  • fixed: fields radiopharmaceuticalStartTime and radionuclideTotalDose are set to 0 when reading nifti file
  • fixed: automatic window/leveling apply to all modalities
  • fixed: RT-Struct reading
  • fixed: RT-Struct loading continues even if a ROI structure as no contour (empty ROI are not shown)
  • fixed: SUV conversion in Philips proprietary dicom format
  • fixed: add message in the web page of the user location map for Firefox navigator : "to view this content with Firefox, you must remove the tracking protection"
  • fixed: min and max bounds of relative resampling (min, max, sd) are calculated only for the biggest cluster
  • fixed: update of MTV volume when using click and click40% tools
  • fixed: dilate/erode tools now work on 2D images
  • fixed: update MIP view with use of snake2D and snake3D tools
  • fixed: default size window of MIP
  • fixed: DICOM-SEG from Olea with IOP and IPP
  • fixed: IPP and IOP from DICOM image file with numberOfFrame>1
  • fixed (texture protocol): the size of bin is now set to the value of bin size minus one (see the image biomarker standardisation initiative (IBSI) description)
  • fixed (texture protocol): in advanced setting, GLZLM_SRE label is modified to GLZLM_SZE



  • deleted: Empty button in ROI tools (the « dispose » button does the same)

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