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You can download the LIFEx software for free once you have created an account and received your account validation (time estimated is one working day).  

Click on the following links to learn on how to download the latest versions of LIFEx.


Environmental constraints

  • Minimum configuration required:
    • MacOs Maverick, Windows 7, Linux kernel 2.3
    • PC- Intel Core i5, 4 GB RAM, Architecture processor 64-bit
  • Recommended configuration :
    • MacOs Maverick, Windows 10, Linux kernel 2.3
    • PC- Intel Core i7, 8 GB RAM, Architecture processor 64-bit



  • The Lifex software is distributed under a CEA license. Please read the entire license before downloading the installer: Take note of the CEA License.





  Move from the .dmg image to your Application folder.
  Launch LIFEx_setup.exe and follow the instructions.
  Untar the LIFEx.tar file in a directory of your choice (tar xvf LIFEx....tar)
  Execute the launcher script called ./




LIFEx analytics

75 user publications:

Evolution of the number of publications:
2016: 2 publications
2017: 5 publications
2018: 26 publications
2019: 42 publications
(2019 in progress)

2478 user accounts:

Evolution of the number of accounts:
2016: 183 accounts (0.5 account/day)
2017: 370 accounts (1.0 account/day)
2018: 869 accounts (2.4 accounts/day)
2019: 1056 accounts (3.3 accounts/day)

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